TK Programmer PRO

TK Programmer PRO

Device to program TK sound pack/Software to TK board



 Hardware preparation

A TK programmer PRO contains a programmer, programming cable and USB cable.



















connect USB cable to programmer

connect programming cable to programmer

connect  programming cable to TK board



Step 1. Follow instructions to install software form CD included in the box

Step 2. Click on FlyPRO icon to lunch application

Step 3. Select device from Device Tab

Step 4. Select KH25L3206E[ISP]

Step 5. Set Options as shown in picture

Step 6. Set to Auto programming mode and your are ready to program TK board


 Programming procedure

Step 1. Power off TK board(TK board could be damaged during programming when power is on)

Step 2. Plug cable to programmer port on TK board

Step 3. Load  Bin file and hit Auto Start bottom to start programming 

Step 4. Wait about one and half minutes,  application prompts when programming is finished,

Step 5. Press exit to quit application.