1/24 VsTank LEOPARD2A6

by Clark   

Again, VsTank did a very good modeling, transmission design and paint job on this LEOPARD 2A6, but build-in electronics and controller are not so good, those are the reasons we like to upgrade this tank with CLARK's electronics



Movement, Sound and light, IR battle with TBU


CSC-135H-L2, LNS-135-L2, DBF-135


Futaba Skysport 4 with CH5 modification




6 Ni-Mh Cell(7.2V 2800mAh)



Body -- VS Tanks LEOPARD 2A6


To Modify CSC for motors in 1/24 VsTank

Magnetic noise on power rail introduced by motors in 1/24 VsTank might interference CSC operation , for minimizing it, some modification is needed.


Refer to picture below, wire a 16V,  560uF, Low ESR Capacitor on 2nd reserved battery connector pad, the hole near to button edge is positive


You now can wire motor to CSC without current limiter to get the maximum output power of motor!!!.


Install Guide

Remove all electronics, get 7.2V power from original battery box, wire ESC connector cable on motor,

Use original switch. but rewire it with thicker wire, we also add PTC on power path for over loading protection

broach the hole under commander hatch for DBF receiver,

Add a 3mm plastic board on bottom of CSC holder for more strength

fix CSC holder by model cement

wire circle metal part to antenna, and than re-install it,

LNS is on the bottom of loader hatch, wired to CSC with cable,