How to interface TBU


Because signal of DBF on CSC is backward compatible to TBU (TAMIYA Battle Unit), we can make a adaptor to connect and use TBU on CSC and than join tank battle.



Refer to picture of TBU connector,  signal from left side are +5V, IR, GND, LED- and LED+

Refer to picture of DBF connector on CSC, signal from left side are LED+,+5V, IR, NC( No connection ), LED-, NC( No connection ) and GND.


If you would like to have loading & programming indication when using TBU, wire a LED between node (LED2-) and LED+.


Example of adaptor

Get a 4*2-pin  1.27mm*2.54mm pitch and 5-pin, 2.54mm pitch connector, and than connect signal from one to another


Assembly and test

Mount TBU on a CSC powered 1/25 JADGPANTHER to do test.